How To: Make a Sphere Shaped Origami Earth (difficult)

Make a Sphere Shaped Origami Earth (difficult)

Similar as origami Earth, here, but more eye attractive Earth globe, which is actually a sphere shaped.

Detailed instructions on how to make that origami on video below. It's much more difficult to assemble as the another Earth video I have, so I suggest that to experienced makers.

You will need 1061 blue, 260 green, 216 white, 111 yellow and 61 orange triangles.

You can start assembling triangles together on the bottom (south pole), or in the middle (equator). Numbers on the left side shows amount of triangles in the row. It's important to check the map on the video to see the important sections, where it narrows (towards N/S pole) and when it expands (towards equator). Handle it as "fragile". You can push it together up and down (from poles), but not from the side!

Tutorial on how to make triangles is here.

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