How To: Make an Origami Lily Flower

Make an Origami Lily Flower

this tutorial explains how to make a traditional origami lily from one sheet of paper. No cuts, no glue needed.

You'll Need

  • one square sheet
  • ten minutes of your time
  • one hand (two would be ideal)


With this video and the printable diagrams below, folding your first origami flower will be a piece of cake!

You can get a PDF Version here

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This is really nice. The demonstration is clear, and the video takes you easily from step to step, at a good pace for someone to work as they follow along. The diagrams are nice and clear too.

I recommend trying it!

A huge thanks to you for this post. My wife is a huge fan of lilies and I couldn't get good ones locally for this valentines day... so after a quick internet search, I found these brilliant instructions and put together a few. I am not normally a craft-y person, but these turned out really well and she loved them. Thank you so much! :)

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