How To: Make Colorful 'Fireworks' Using Origami Paper

Make Colorful 'Fireworks' Using Origami Paper

If you won't be near any real fireworks for the 4th of July holiday, do the next best thing and origami yourself some! For this origami fireworks project, you'll need square sheets of paper of different colors.

First, you fold it diagonally across to form a triangle. Then fold it again across the other diagonal. Now fold it in half, open it and fold one side up to the center line. Repeat for the other side also. Now fold the top edge down to meet the intersections of diagonal and vertical creases. Do the same on the other side. Open up the paper and push the diagonal folds inwards slightly so that the center point is pointing upwards. Then press the folds in to form a triangle. Now open up one flap and fold it from the halfway crease.

Confused? Then you should just follow along with the video instructions! Also, below is an updated version of the guide with better quality, so follow whichever one you like.

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this is cool i thougth it would be way more harder but it is pretty easy i thought it would be 10:00 min long

Having trouble with the last part connecting the two ends. Any advice? Is there a certain thickness of paper that works best?

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