How to Fold the record-setting glider-style paper airplane (Guinness World Records)

Without a doubt, this is the world's best paper airplane! Okay, maybe not. It previously held the Guinness World Record for longest flight (time aloft) for a paper airplane, by record-setter Ken Blackburn in 1998 (27.6 seconds). But like all records, they eventually get broken. Takuo Toda's paper airplane design, called the Sky King, out-performed Blackburn's, setting a new record at 27.9 seconds in 2009.

If you think Blackbrun's glider still has what it takes to outshine Toda's, then try folding it yourself and flying it for the World Record! It's a fairly simple paper design. You don't need any fancy paper or extras to make it— just a basic sheet of printer paper! Watch and learn how to fold this flying paper airplane.

Also, if you want to try out Toda's Sky King (which looks very much like Blackburn's glider), then take a look at the instructions on WIRED.

November 18th is Guinness World Records Day, so make sure you mark the day by breaking some records! Try beating Blackburn's paper airplane record OR… try breaking another record.

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