How to Fold an Origami F-18 Fighter Jet Out of a Dollar Bill

Origami is an art form, but origami using dollar bills? It takes this art form to a whole new level! In this three-part video tutorial, learn how to fold an F-18 Hornet fighter jet plane out of a dollar bill, origami-style.

To download a PDF diagram for this project click here.




u talk way too much srry its coool and all but u like try to verify yourself too much we get u


I joined the group and I can't find a diagram for this anywhere. Where is it??? FILES??? PHOTOS??? LINKS??? DATABASE??? All I see is a bunch of pictures of fish. Where exactly is the diagram???

This is really cool! If I can get it right I will start sending my grandson's money through the mail in these awesome origami's. They both love fighter jets, will also join the website to learn other origami's for presents.

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