How To: Make 3D Origami Airplane

Make 3D Origami Airplane

Instructions to make 3D origami of airplane similar to Airbus A380. It's self standing, made only with a folded paper (triangles). In video I tried to give instructions for every detail.

Detailed instructions are in the video, but it's suggested to follow some simple steps for easier assembly.

Step 1: Triangles

Make 992 white, 183 blue and 39 black triangles. Instructions how to make a triangle are here.

Step 2: Tube

Start making tube at the tail. Don't forget on space for horizontal stabilizer (left + right), vertical stabilizer (x1), rear landing gear (x2) and wing space (left + right). Stop just before closing space for wings.

Step 3: Wings

Make wings (x2), connect them together and put them inside tube.

Step 4: Cockpit

Finish tube at cockpit and don't forget on hole for front landing gear space (x1).

Step 5: Additional Parts

  • Make engines and add them on the wings.
  • Make stabilizers and add horizontal stabilizers on tube. Two blue triangles are for each horizontal stabilizer to connect to tube.
  • Make landing gear (1x front + 2x rear) and add them on the tube.
  • Add vertical stabilizer on the tube.

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