How To: Make 3D Origami Stork

Make 3D Origami Stork

Here is a short tutorial how to make. In the video below you'll have the map with every triangle on its spot.

You'll need 216 white, 109 black and 9 orange triangles and also 2 orange papers for legs:
1.5x4.1 inch , which is equal to 3.7x10.5 cm

Tutorial on how to make triangles is here

Step 1: Triangles

Fold all needed triangles.

Step 2: Body

Make a body and don't forget for turned around triangles and 2 holes on the bottom for legs insertion (8th row from below to top).

Step 3: Head

Add neck and with some triangles shape the head. From one orange triangle make a beak and draw 2 dots on the head for the eyes.

Step 4: Legs

Roll 2 orange papers in the tube and assemble orange triangles and insert the legs into the holes in the body until they reach the triangles on the other side.

Step 5: Balance

Balance body with the legs and your stork will stand itself.

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