How To: Make an origami boomerang

Make an origami boomerang

Take an A4 SIZED paper. The paper is A4 size and it should be an INSTRUCTION paper. The paper size should be maximum, so that it will fly. Twist the papers into halves. Thus 2 papers are formed using folding. Put the papers horizontally. Fold them into half. So the papers are TWO HALF sized papers. Fold each OF the 2 halves again into 2 FOLDS. So the paper is divided into 1/4 papers. So the paper is divided horizontally 4 times. A line DIVIDES the paper in THE MIDDLE. This is arranged in such a way that,there is enough space in between the 4 FOLDS. Fold the 2nd half. Fold the papers across vertically the other way around. Fold the corners INWARD. Unfold the folded corners BACKWARD.
The 2nd part is done as follows: TUCK the corners and put THEM inside the folds into THE SO-CALLED pockets. Unfold the papers completely.
We can see a diamond shape inside when the paper is unfolded. Fold the diamond shape inside and make the boomerang.
Throw with the left hand. The boomerang ROTATES WHEN THROWN.
It is like a toy ,the boomerang ADJUSTS with wings. The boomerang is an American or Western toy and carries Western culture. It is a toy made by young people.

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