How To: Fold an origami lotus flower with one sheet of paper

Fold an origami lotus flower with one sheet of paper

To make a lotus out of a single sheet of paper, use a colored, square paper sheet with a different center color (optional). With the colored side facing outwards, fold the sheet diagonally in half creating a center crease. Open up and repeat the step with the other corner to obtain a center point. Carefully fold the 4 corners towards the center point to form a smaller square. Repeat the same procedure with this square. Flip over and repeat the same procedure over again. The next step is optional, and is to be done only if you use a sheet with a different center color. To expose the color, fold the corners, back on themselves to a short length. Unfold the tabs and flip it over. Fold the tabs back on themselves, such that the corners stand out from the edges of the square. With all 4 points pointing outwards flip over and gently fold the tabs towards the center, you will notice that the petals starts to pop up. You may need to gently re-crease the petals to make them stay. Lastly, flip over and gently pull back the tabs with care as the paper tends to tears at this point. Your lotus is ready.

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