How To: Make your own origami magic ball

Make your own origami magic ball

Tutorial of how to quickly make and Origami Magic Ball! Get a piece of 20x40cm paper. Fold along side in 32 equal parts, by repeatedly folding the paper in half - using genderless folds. Fold the short side in 8 equal parts- using valley folds. Turn the sheet over and start diagonal folds - using valley folds into 32 parts. Roll paper out flat, and fold it zigzag following previously made genderless folds. At corner of paper, create a "water bomb" by pressing together previously made folds forming indents in the paper. Add another water bomb next to the first one, etc until one row is done. Proceed onto next row of water bombs, and do water bombs for every row on the paper. Tape opposite sides of the paper together, forming a ball. Follow these instructions and you too can have your very own Origami Magic Ball!

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too long and hard

haha, that's what she said

but seriously, takes forever

amazing i wuld like to learn please help

Since I do origami, this is really easy for me.

Where do u find/buy 20x40cm paper?!?! Thanks :-)

very awesome you make it look so easy

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