How To: Fold an Origami Naboo Starfighter & Other Star Wars Starships

Fold an Origami Naboo Starfighter & Other Star Wars Starships

I have never been the most artistic person in the world, but never overlook a great piece of work when I see one. With George Lucas selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney for more money than I could make in ten lifetimes, it's safe to say the franchise has a lot of fans.

Seriously, Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises ever created, spawning legions of fan sites, toys, wannabe Jedi, and of course, artists. Star Wars fan Martin Hunt started making paper models of characters and vehicles from the films on a whim. The former math major became obsessed with creating these intricate and freakishly accurate origami figures.

Check out one of his very first video tutorials on how to make a Naboo Starfighter.

The Starfighter is just one of his many, many creations. He has done small origami creations like this R2-D2.

And bigger ones like this X-Wing.

To help folks interested in making some of these for themselves, he has put up a few diagrams with detailed instructions. Here's the one for the X-Wing.

For more photos, diagrams, and tutorials of his cool origami Star War pieces, check out his Starwarigami website.

If you are able to make a few of these, they could make for a great Christmas gift for an avid Star Wars fan.

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