How To: Easily make a paper snowflake

Easily make a paper snowflake

Make simple snowflakes from paper. You can tape these snowflakes to a window for a nice winter decoration or paste them onto a piece of folded construction paper for a great winter card.

Supplies needed:

* White paper

* Scissors

* Optional: A protractor

* Optional: Glitter or glitter glue

* For a card: A piece of colored construction paper and glue.

steps to make paper snowflake:

1. Fold a piece of paper in half.

2. Fold over one side, then the other, to make two 60 degree folds. You can do this by eye, or you can use a protractor. This is a good exercise in geometry and measuring angles.

3. Cut off the edges of the paper in an arc - this makes a circle (if you were to unfold the paper).

4. Cut a lot of the paper away in a specific shape such as sharp curves, lines etc.

5. Unfold your snowflake carefully.

Benefits: this snowflake may be used as a decorating items in case of various parties or functions. It gives the pleasing effects to the eyes and the shape of cut after unfolding looks entirely different as what it looks before cutting.

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