How To: Fold an erupting origami volcano

Fold an erupting origami volcano

This video is about making an origami of a volcano. The video begins with aliMcRose talking about the geographical formations of Japan and then she shows a finished origami. The materials required are one piece of two sided paper and a pair of scissors. Fold the piece of paper in half on one side and make sure the fold is a clear line. Now unfold the paper and fold it on the other side in a similar way.The piece of paper will now have four squares. Now fold these four squares into triangles and the formation would look like a diamond. Now make a triangle on each side of the diamond about an inch from the top. Now using the scissors cut out a triangle on the other side of the same size as the upper triangle. Now place the cut triangle between the legs below the folded triangle. Now place your fingers on the legs and shimmy it and the cut triangle would come out through the top like lava.

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