How To: Origami a paper plane jetfighter with Joost Langeveld

Origami a paper plane jetfighter with Joost Langeveld

Paper plane designed by Joost Langeveld. This one is not very difficult to fold and flies like a rocket. Just a little glue needed.

This is an origami tutorial brought to you by Joost Langeveld origami, a dutch origami artist. Joost offers some of the prettiest, most creative models. Joost has been doing origami for seven years and about a year and a half a go, started designing models.

Here are some of Joost's beginner's tips:

If you are just starting with origami it's best to start with the more easier models.

You can search the internet for diagrams, because on almost every site about origami
are diagrams for various models. And nowadays, people also place videos of folding
models on the internet.

Almost every sort of paper can be used for origami, as long as it's not to thick.
I like to print my own patterns on copy-paper.

Take your time to learn to fold a new model from a book or the internet. If you don't
understand a diagram, just lay it apart for some time and try to fold it later.

Here's a little history of Origami, by Joost:

"Ori" is the japanese word for folding and "kami" is the japanese word for paper.

Origami originates in China in the first or second century. In the 6th century it spread to

First, it was something that was mainly done by rich people but when paper became cheaper
more and more people were doing origami.

The first book with folding-instuctions is from 1797 and is called: "How to fold 1000 cranes".

Nowadays people are doing origami almost everywhere around the world and there are
many books with folding-instructions.

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It is actually easy but my little brother salman want's to watch how to do it on this even if he know's how to do it! what's the problem with that boy!

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