News: Paper Planes Launched from the Edge of Space

Paper Planes Launched from the Edge of Space

What's the difference between a paper plane and a paper space plane? Altitude! About 125,000 feet to be precise:

The balloon, filled with helium gas and carrying a load of paper planes, took 2.6 hours to rise to 37,339 metres (that's at the edge of space!), where it burst and took only 40 minutes to fall back to earth. It landed in a forest just south east of Berlin, where our team had to use a very long pole to retrieve the payload from the top of a tree. 

The hand-crafted paper planes with their precious cargo of Samsung SD memory cards were released at around 36,3500 metres and could land anywhere.

Skip to the 1:30 mark to see the drop!

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thats a carzy aweome

"To boldly go where NO tiny paper crew has gone before!" I love this idea... I use to write personal notes and little love letters to brighten peoples days, then toss them off of skyscrapers in Denver... and cant help but to wonder what extraterrestrials would think if they found one of THESE ones... cause people's reactions to random planes are quite amazing... haha

This makes me happy

One of these days I am going to buy around 50 balloons and attach little notes to them that say my name and email. Or what benk says, notes and little letters to brighten up peoples days.

I've done that too! make an e-mail account specifically for it! Always leave some kind of contact info on it though... people have some really wonderful things to say to being told nice things...

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