News: Engineer By Day, Origami Master By Night

Engineer By Day, Origami Master By Night

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Hate to be a wang here, but it seems less like origami and more like "fold something randomly until it looks like something recognizable".

I dunno, even if i folded randomly, I couldn't just randomly make the folds and wrinkles of a brain so easily.
But the more organic shapes tend to look more like crumpled paper than traditional origami, I agree.

I'd almost have to agree with the other benjamin here... Although the effort is awesome... especially with some of the really nerdy things such as the cat bus or the vash the stampede set or my PERSONAL favorite the Bebop Swordfish... I'd still have to say some of these look closer to paper mache... which isnt NEAR as clean and precise as origami CAN be... either way... his videos are neat and I givce him A+ for being awesome...

B. Halo,
Perhaps you should have used the "Click Through" link at the top of the page to find the "Crease Patterns" for these figures. Had you done so I suspect you would not have characterized them as "fold something randomly until it looks like something recognizable". It is inappropriate to imply fault (or your own superiority through a snide remark) without bothering to check the veracity of your comment. Also foolish (and perhaps a bit embarrassing) , when your comment is so easily invalidated.

I definitely had to click through after initially reading this wonderment and watched some of his videos on youtube... (DID YOU SEE THE FOLD PATTERN MIT LOGO?!?!?! HOLY CRAP-O-LA!) and I do have to agree that its still a marvel f the paper genre... I do wonder if he renders it from a design program first to get his fold chart ant THEN recreates it in a physical means? Either way... the only way I can say that it's "Non-traditional" origami... is that AFTER he gets the base, he kinda wrinkles his works and "fleshes them out" to make them into a fuller shape...

Firstly, it's Hale, not Halo, I guess you missed that in your angry rush to hate the player. The figure in question that I suspected of being "folded randomly" was the brain. Hardly any of it is even folded, its just creased to form a brain. I realize I should have pointed out which piece I was referring to, but you can't dispute that some of these are "creased" rather than "folded." Look at the crabs shell. Besides, I pointed out that I didn't want to be a wang , so calling me snide and foolish is "invalid", if you will.

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