How To: Weave paper for origami and other paper crafts

Weave paper for origami and other paper crafts

This video shows how to weave paper. This paper can then be used to make crafts such as origami. You may want some supplies: a cutting board, a paper cutter, scotch tape, and square origami paper (6"x6"). Start with two sheets of paper. Cut the paper into thin strips, 1/2" each. Reassemble one of the squares. Carefully align the pieces close together. Place a piece of tape on the top, and tape it to the cutting board. Take a strip of the other color paper, and weave it through every other strip. Push it up to the top. Now take another, and weave it through the opposite strips (the ones you went over the first time, go under this time, and vice versa). Keep weaving the paper through like this until you get to the second to last strip of paper. With the second to last strip, once you have weaved it in, pull it down and align it with the bottom edge of the square. Tape it down. Now carefully remove the tape from the top, and weave the last strip in at the top. Once you have finished, make sure all the strips are tightly in place and replace the tape. Now remove the tape from the cutting board, but keep it attached to the paper. Fold the tape over the edge and cut off the extra tape along the sides. Create a tape border along the other 3 sides. Now you can create beautiful origami with it. The speaker gives us some final advice: do not try to make anything too intricate, because this paper is thick and harder to fold. You also might need to use extra tape to help the origami keep its shape.

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