How To: Use proper technique in order to make a paper box

Use proper technique in order to make a paper box

Learn how to make a paper box with the proper technique. -Start with an A4 size paper. -Use folds and a paper cutter to turn it into a square paper. -Fold the square paper in half, make sure the crease is good, then fold in half another time. -Make sure the creases are good and open the paper back to the square shape. -Now fold each corner in towards the middle. -Now take one side and fold it halfway towards the other side. -Now do the same with the other side. -Open the paper back up, so that it is in the smaller square again and fold the other two sides. -Unfold to the smaller square, and then unfold two triangles from the middle. -The two sides that have not been unfolded will now be folded again, to the middle. -Now fold the two ends in towards each other and tuck them inside so that it forms a box. If you follow these instructions you should have yourself a paper box in no time.

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