How To: Use paper scraps in order to make a paper flower

Use paper scraps in order to make a paper flower

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper flower using paper scraps. To make this, you will need: 3 pieces of small pink scrap paper, 1 piece of small green scrap paper, 1/16" brad, adhesive, hole punch, ink, and a sponge. First, you will draw one different size circle on the 3 sheets of pink paper. Next, draw leaves onto the green scrap paper. Now, start tearing the shapes out of the paper leaving no pencil showing. Crumple the paper up several times, then get your ink and put it on your sponge, and place it on the outside edge of the shapes. Now, place the flowers on top of each other and punch a hole right in the middle and place the brad inside. Then, take some adhesive and place the flower on a card or invitations, and stick the leaves on!

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