How To: Origami a vagina

Origami a vagina

In this how to video you will learn how to origami a vagina. What better way to honor your lady than to make her a paper replica of her vagina.

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I love this video! I'm on committee for the vagina monologues at my school and I'm also part of Guerilla Arts. As a result we've decided to make GIANT origami vagina's to put around the school to advertise. Thanks so much for the idea!

I'm going to make one for my bf

haha awesome!!

I'ma make one for myself...that'll be the only way I'll ever touch a vagina ... ^^

OK I wasn't going to watch this BUT I was being drawn in, all I can say is if a mate sent this much concern for a vagina she be yours for life. Would be a great gift for the bridegroom to give on their wedding night.

omg that is not a vagina thats a DICK!!

I don't have a girlfriend. Is this vagina a suitable substitute? Do you do tits?

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