How To: Origami a square box

Origami a square box

If you want to master your skills on origami, you should watch this video. How to make an origami paper box: Find a piece of square paper. Crease the paper in half lengthwise and then again in the other direction. Unfold the paper which should be divided into four sections. Take a corner and fold it up to the center of the paper. Repeat for all four corners. Ensure that the tips all meet in the center for a smaller square. Fold one side of the square up to the center of the box. Unfold and repeat for all sides of the square. These creases serve as guides later. Completely unfold two opposite sides of the square. Refold the two longer sides (that are still folded once) so the stand up to form two sides of the box. Fold the shorter (triangle) side along the crease line closest to the center of the box. The sides should tuck inward as the flap comes up. Fold the flap down so the side is the same height as the other two sides of the box for a third sides of the box. Repeat the previous step to create the fourth side of the box and you're done.

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