How To: Origami a pencil cup/holder

Origami a pencil cup/holder

In this video, we learn how to origami a pencil cup/ holder. First, take a square and fold it into a triangle. Give it a crease, then unfold. Now, fold in half to make a triangle from the other direction. Give it another crease, then unfold. Intersect by folding in half making a rectangle, making sure the color side is on the inside. Make a crease and unfold the paper, not fold it into a triangle. Now, take the triangle point and fold it up. After this, give it a crease and then fold another flap and fold it into the inside, then fold the other. Now take this flap and fold it back on itself so the two edges line up. Take the other flap and tuck it into a pocket. Now, do this on the other side of the paper and then reach in and pop open the pencil cup!

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