How To: Origami paper wish stars

Origami paper wish stars

Looking to wish upon a lucky star? Why spend all night waiting for a shooting star to fly by when you can make one yourself? In this tutorial learn how to origami a wishing star out of paper. These stars are very cool and make great decoration for any occasion.
You Will Need:
*a Ruler.
*Markers, glitter, stickers, paint, glue, sequins, for decoration, are optional.
*If you have googly eyes, you can make a star pet!

Some ideas from the creator about how to use your cool new stars:
*Get a needle & thread, and string the stars together - you could make jewelry, garland (to hang on a Christmas tree, on a window valance, from the top of a doorway.)
*Write on the paper before you make the star. You could make it a personal wish. You could give it to a friend as a gift and write a surprise message inside.
*Write fortunes, or something of the sort, and use them at a party.
*Fill up a jar of them as decoration.
*Spruce up a present with a star or two.

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