How To: Origami a pajarita (bird featured on PS3's Heavy Rain)

Origami a pajarita (bird featured on PS3's Heavy Rain)

In the PlayStation 3 video game Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, four protagonists are on the hunt for a serial killer who murders young boys and leave behind his calling card… an origami animal. One of those animals, and the one prominently displayed on the cover art and poster art for the game, is the pajarita. Pajarita in Spanish for little bird (or even just origami in general).

The pajarita is a simple origami bird to fold, and you only need one sheet of origami paper. Make sure its sides are the same color, and if not, start making a blintz fold to make a square with sides of the same color. Watch the video to see the folding process, and download the pajarito template here.

Paper size used in the video: 10cm x 10cm

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