How To: Origami fireworks

Origami fireworks

Origami is the timeless art of Japanese paper folding. Watch this origami how to video to learn how to fold fireworks. Origami is a fun craft and your models make nice, homemade gifts. Practice makes perfect.
Designer : Yami Yamauchi
Song : Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold
Action origami model. You need 12 pieces of paper / squares.

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thats beeeeeeaaaaaassssstttt!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!! i am going to try it soon! i wonder how long it takes to make one if you are new to the whole origami firework thing. +A

I like it. :) Great job. I think I'll need alot of patience to do this but it's worth the try :D.

it's amazing, I have just made this and it is well worth doing the results are far better than I imagined. Thank you so much.

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