How To: Origami a Christmas star aka Spiked Dodecahedron (SPD)

Origami a Christmas star aka Spiked Dodecahedron (SPD)

The Origami Spiked Pentakis Dodecahedron is an excellent Paper Christmas Decoration Star made out of 15 paper squares. In spite of the large paper size I was defeated by the last module after nearly 2 hours (!) of trying to lock the last unit in place each time another one dislodged. Never mind, it is still a remarkable sound structure once (nearly) completed and you can not see which one is not locked anyway.

IF YOU ARE NOT A PATIENT ORIGAMIST USE GLUE !! YES, again the G-WORD is used! Origafundamentalists, not to worry, despite the explicit word use above. The origami star aka Spiked Pentakis Dodecahedron (SPD) in the video has been made without any glue!

Design of this beautiful paper Christmas Decoration Star has been stolen from Tomoko Fuse and simplified by getting rid of the auxiliary square

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Nicely done... One of the most amazing things I have seen this minute. ;)

very good

Wow, it blew my mind

why is there no video??

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