How To: Make a traditional Chinese paper lantern

Make a traditional Chinese paper lantern

Supplies1.20-35 square papers (all the same size)2.stapler STEPS1. Start with a square piece of paper2. fold the square in half so that you now have a rectangular shape. crease and then unfold3. Fold all four corner into the creased line you just made. The top and bottom of you paper should look triangular. crease these and unfold them.4.Make several of these squares as you will need them.5. Take 2 squares together corner to corner and where the crease (the ones you folded into the center) meet staple it on the crease.6. Take another square that has been folder and staple that to the other side of the square that you have. Make sure that your staples are all on the top of the square. You want to end up with a circle in the middle when finished stapling the tops of the squares together. 7. To make the lantern look nice take the underside of each corner to the square you just staples together and pull them together and staple them together. 8. Take the sides of the lanterns (corners) and staple them together. 9. add squares to the bottom of the lantern and staple them together. 10. finish by stapling them together at the bottom. 11. you are finished.

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