How To: Make a "SSMaRT" dodecahedron with illusory sphere

Make a "SSMaRT" dodecahedron with illusory sphere

Take a paper: we need 60 rectangles (length-width ratio of 6:1)
And fold in 4 equal parts.
And next we mark this point.
And release the folding.
And take corner of the paper and fold it diagonal and mark it.
And we use this point to make the following diagonal fold.
And next reverse fold over the crease we just made.
And turn over and fold it open as shown.
Done on one side.
Fold the other side in to a point one valley and one mountain point fold.
We use the valley fold to make another valley fold as shown.
Again reverse fold over the crease we just made.
Weave 5 of these units in to a star.
We need 12 of these stars.
This is how the modules are linked.
How to assemble the stars:
Join corner of the paper link each to each like star shape.
Not how each star has 2 links to its neighbor.
corner of the folding integrant with another folding.
And how these alternate, 1 to left and 1 to right neighbor.
And we view good result.

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