How To: Make a six-sheet 3D paper star with origami

Make a six-sheet 3D paper star with origami

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a six-sheet 3D paper star with origami. Take three pairs of paper; each pair of different color or take six pieces of paper of the same color. The paper should be square size. Fold the paper in half, open the fold and fold one half up to the center line. Repeat this step for the other side also. Open up the paper and repeat these steps by folding the paper in the other direction. This will divide the entire paper into 16 squares. Next fold it diagonally across both diagonals. Open it, fold it into a triangle and holding both ends of the triangle, push inwards slightly so that a smaller square is formed along the fold lines. Now push the square down and push inwards so that the square collapses in to the center point of the paper. You will then have to watch the video for further steps as it will get confusing without the demonstration.

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