How To: Make a simple paper star with kirigami

Make a simple paper star with kirigami

This video is about making a kirigami simple star. The materials required are two sided piece of paper, a scale and a cutter knife. Fold the piece of paper in half to form a rectangle. Now fold the upper and lower half of one end to form triangle. Make sure when you fold the paper it is in a clean line and the unfold the paper. The paper will have a square with four triangles in it. Now bring the other end of the paper such that it fits into one of the triangles of the square. Now fold the paper from the triangle towards the outer end to have a cone like formation. Now fold the square towards the cone to form another cone. Flip the paper and join the two cones together. Place the scale over the cone and using it as a base cot off the lower half of the cone. Now unfold the paper to form a star. Give sharp presses to the star to make it more real.

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