How To: Make a simple paper fortune teller

Make a simple paper fortune teller

In the art of paper crafting, the fortune teller is one of the easiest one that anyone can do it. First you need a sheet of paper, some markers to write over it. Fold one of the corners on an angle to match the other side. Now with the excess paper here, cut along the line. Now open it up and you should have a square. Fold the other corner to the opposite corner and make your fold. Once you have made your creases, fold to the center. Now you should have a smaller square. Now once you've completed that, flip it over and again fold all of the corners to the center. Once you've finished your smaller square, take one of the corners and fold it to the opposite side. Also do it to the other corners and fold it sideways like that and also on the other side. Now you can write some numbers with a marker over it and inside this you can write something which may be the animals, month/week, Colors, Fishes, Countries, etc., If you follow the steps in this video, you'll have fun with your fortune teller and customize it to make your own fortunes.

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