How To: Make a paper fortune teller for fun

Make a paper fortune teller for fun

We can make a paper fortune teller for fun by using the following instructions. First start the process with a square piece of paper approximately 8 inches on each side. Now, fold each corner of the paper into the center and flip it over and then fold each new corner now created into the center. Then, mark each triangle (there will be 8 of them) with a number. On the reverse side of each triangle, write a fortune for every number. Next, fold the numbered side in half and stick both thumbs and forefingers into the slots that have now been created. Then ask any one of your friends to name a number and then open and close your creation for many times. Then, ask them choose a visible number. The number which is at underneath is their fortune. If you follow the steps in this video, you can make a paper fortune teller for fun.

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