How To: Make a paper football launcher

Make a paper football launcher

Use paper to be creative and engage in some easy crafts to create something out of a simple piece of paper. 1. In this paper craft start by creating a paper football and a paper boat. They are quite easy to make, and if you do not know how to do them you can easily find videos which describe how to do each one of them on the internet. 2. Once you have both the paper football and the paper boat you will be able to create a paper launcher by following this video. 3. Start by turning the paper boat upside down and push it inwards. 4. Afterwards insert the paper football inside the squares gap created by the upside down boat. 5. All you have to do then is to grasp two sides of the paper boat and push them outwards quickly and simultaneously. The paper football will fly upwards from that gap. This is how you would have created your paper launcher

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