How To: Make paper flowers with a paper shaper punch

Make paper flowers with a paper shaper punch

The video shows the viewer how to make 3 paper flowers. The first seconds show the paper flowers (two blue and one pink) and a lady voice says she will show us how to make them using a Paper Shaper Punch. Then she presents the tools: the paper shaper punch (with the large daisy), paper of 2-3 different shades (one of them green), mini bonds, a toothpick and optionally wire cutters and a button, wire. a jewel etc. She shows the blue flower that has a blue jewel in the middle, two layers and a green bottom. To make the flower, you take the paper form and bend the leaves one by one over the toothpick and then bend them forward. To make a poinsettia, you twist the ends of the petals of the flower shaped paper form over the toothpick to make pointed-shaped petals and then bend them upwards. For the blue and yellow flower, first use the wire cutters to cut the button that will be placed in the middle of the flower. Then roll the petals of the flower shape over the toothpick and after that use the rolled side to cover the white middle. The flowers can be used as one would want, for scrapbooks, embellishments or make interesting shapes using wire or beads.

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