How To: Make a paper flower rosette

Make a paper flower rosette

This video shows a demonstration of how to make crepe paper rosettes. The materials used are four strips of paper, two small paper circles, and double sided tape. First put double sided tape on one of the circles and trim the edges. Put a corner of one strip of paper onto the sticky edge of the circle. Fold and crease the paper as you go around paper circle, forming fan-like folds in the crepe paper. Put a tiny piece of double sided tape to hold the end. Trim the edges with scissor to make a scalloped edge. Repeat with the other strips of crepe paper and layer them together. Use a circle of paper decorated with a rubber stamp and another circle of glittery paper to make a center for the flower. Decorate the flower with beads, bows, paper cut-outs and glitter glue. This is a step-by-step instructional video that shows you how to make fancy paper rosettes.

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