How To: Make a paper box in under 5 minutes

Make a paper box in under 5 minutes

This origami box looks rather simple to make. You take a piece of paper and fold it into a triangle. Be sure to make the fold visible to see. Take the extra piece from the triangle and fold it up so as to form another crease. This extra piece will be removed in order to create the box. After you remove the extra piece refold the paper along existing fold to reform the triangle. Then fold the triangle in half, making sure that the edges meet perfectly. Then unfold the paper and take the corners and have them meet in the middle of the page forming little triangles for all four sides. You will now have a smaller square. Unfold two corners, and take the sides that have the triangles still folded in and fold the paper so that edges meet in the middle. With the edge piece, fold it like you would see a clothing box corner folded. Then fold the top over on both sides, and you have the bottom of the box. In order to make the top of the box repeat the above directions again and then put the pieces together and you have a completed origami box made out of paper.

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