How To: Make a paper box just for fun

Make a paper box just for fun

HowToMakeCrap teaches you how to make a paper box out of an ordinary a4 sheet of paper. Make a square out of that by folding from one corner of the page diagonally. The remaining rectangle slice at the bottom will have to be removed. You're left with a perfect square. Fold that horizontally. Then vertically. Then diagonally two times. Unfold it to the original square. Fold to create to triangles on top of each other. Take the lower left side corner and fold it to the top. Flip the paper and do the same. Repeat for all four corners. Fold each small corner to the middle horizontal line created. Do this on both sides. Fold down the free remaining corners and tuck them into the small pockets created. You will have a small opening at the top which you will want to blow into to make it pop. Then the paper box will be complete.

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