How To: Make a paper box to hold anything

Make a paper box to hold anything

This video describes how to make a paper box.1.First take rectangle shaped paper, Fold the paper in half hot dog style in the long way, 2.and fold each side of the paper to the center crease and the paper should be in quarters. 3. Now fold the paper in half hamburger style that is in the short way. 4. Fold each side into the center crease as like we done in 2nd step and keep it folded. 5. Fold each corner to the crease nearest it and should end up with an uneven octagon. 6. Fold the flaps from the middle down over the triangular flaps made in the previous step and then crease these flaps well with your fingernail, a penny, or some other small, hard object. 7. Finally pull up on the two flaps and voila, you have a box. This video will really help the Viewers that how easily can make a paper box to hold anything with an interest.

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