How To: Make a paper box as a gift

Make a paper box as a gift

Learn how to make a paper gift box by following the steps in this video tutorial. The first series of steps shows you how to make the lid. Take an 11" by 8.5" piece of paper. You can use whatever color you want. Fold one corner toward the opposite end creating a triangular shape. Trim the remaining rectangular shape. Unfold the piece of paper and create another fold in the opposite direction. Take a marker to mark the center and bring all four corner to that dot. You will create an additional series of folds radiating out from this center dot. Trace the fold lines you just created with the marker. With a series of slits and additional folds, you will have created the box lid (without having to use any glue. To create the bottom part, follow the same steps except when you trim the rectangular piece off in the beginning, cut an additional 1 cm off. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to create a paper box for gift giving.

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