How To: Make an origami sumo wrestling game for beginners

Make an origami sumo wrestling game for beginners

They say that it's the inside that counts, not the outside. But not when you're a sumo wrestler. In fact, when you live and die by how much belly fat you can throw onto your opponent's face to make him see stars like the foolish coyote chasing the rabbit in classic cartoons, your outside is your most precious commodity.

If you love the idea of fighting other guys with such brute physical force but didn't exactly grow into a sumo wrestler's 300-400 pound profile, you can still play the game by watching this origami tutorial. You'll learn how to make two sumo wrestlers for a sumo wrestling game played by your fingers.

The point of this game is to use a paper board and put the opponent on the ground by simply taping the board with your finger.

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