How To: Make an origami shirt and necktie from folded paper

Make an origami shirt and necktie from folded paper

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make an Origami necktie and a shirt card. Begin with a square two sided paper. Fold the paper in half, forming a triangle. Open it back up and use the center fold as a guide. Take one corner and fold it in toward the center fold. Repeat this on the other side. You end up with a kite shape. Turn your paper over. To make the front knot of the tie, fold down the smaller corner toward the center about a third of the way. Fold the point back up toward the top. Where the point meets the edge, fold it again. Flip your paper over again. Take the corners and fold them in again toward the center line. Turn it over and you have your Origami necktie. Take a piece of 5.5" by 4.5" card stock. Fold down an inch of the paper. On either side of the fold, cut, making sure to leave about an inch and a half in the center uncut. Fold down the side tabs to make your collar. You can then glue these down and add brads as tab collars. Glue down the tie in the center. Your Father's Day card is complete.

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