How To: Make an origami ninja star in 8 steps

Make an origami ninja star in 8 steps

Real ninja starts are dangerous. But you can have some much softer and safer paper ninja starts to play with. Making them might just be as fun as playing with them. If you're not feeling like a ninja, you can make them as decorations or to give to friends.

Whether you're a paper ninja or you just want to have some fun with paper, check out how easy it is to make an origami ninja star.

You Will Need

* A sheet of printer paper
* Scissors

Step 1: Cut the paper in half

Step 2: Fold the skinny rectangle in half

Step 3: Fold right end diagonally

Step 4: Fold left end diagonally

Step 5: Fold the ends in half

Step 6: Repeat with other piece

Step 7: Put together the pieces

Step 8: Fold the flaps in

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year.

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