How To: Make an origami gift box lid

Make an origami gift box lid

Barbabella shows how to make a modular origami hexagonal box lid with star design. Fold a two-sided square sheet of paper to form a triangle, unfold it and fold it in the opposite direction. Using the guidelines fold the paper on three sides forming a small triangle and leave one end as it is. Turn over the sheet and fold the opposite side of the unfolded one as shown. Now mark the points as shown and fold it on one side. Now fold it to mark point below and the crease ends at the point marked as shown. Fold it to the crease to mark the guidelines. Open it up and pleat along the existing creases as shown. Make five more of them following the same procedure. Now assemble the box lid by inserting one into the other as shown. Finally lock the modules into position as shown to complete the lid. Follow Barbabella's steps and make your own modular origami gift box lid and enjoy.

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