How To: Make an origami birthday pop-up card

Make an origami birthday pop-up card

Enchant that special birthday boy or girl with a unique origami birthday pop-up card by following this well produced instructional video. 1. All you need is a two sided square piece of colorful wrapping paper to create your origami birthday pop-up card. As long as your paper is square, the finished card can be any size you wish. 2. Make a series of simple sharp folds on both sides, carefully following the video instructions. Pay particular attention to the final intricate folds which create the pop-up crane. 3. Write your birthday message inside the origami birthday pop-up card to complete. With these simple and easy to follow instructions, anyone can create a beautiful origami birthday pop-up card. Imagine the recipient's delight when a perfect origami crane pops up in the middle of their card.

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