How To: Make a mennorode star from folded paper with origami

Make a mennorode star from folded paper with origami

This tutorial guides you through the process of making a mennorade star with origami. It begins with a square of paper that is folded in half and then folded from the corners to make guides on the paper. The paper is then cut in half to make two rectangles. Each rectangle is then folded and trimmed to form a 'Z' shape. It is necessary to complete these steps for ten more pieces of paper. The next step is to take to of the 'Z' shapes, perhaps of complimentary colours, and link them together so that they resemble a triangle. This is done to each of the pieces, making a total of six triangle pieces. Then take two triangles and join them together by tucking the flaps into the folds of the other piece. This is done for all the pieces, working in a circle. The final link is the most difficult. Once this is finished, make whatever adjustments are necessary. The star is completed.

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