How To: Make the legendary golden phoenix origami Pokemon

Make the legendary golden phoenix origami Pokemon

Most of us are familiar with the names Pikachu, Jiggly Puff, and Maril. If you grew up during the late nineties, then it was virtually impossible to get away from Pokemon fevor, and these were the chubby and cute crowd pleasers that everyone loved. But, if you were (or are) a true Pokemon fan, then you know that Pokemon lore extends far beyond a yellow electricity-conducting rodent.

Houou (aka Ho-ou), according to Pokemon legend, is a powerful and ancient Phoenix crane Pokemon. This is one of the legendary Pokemons which originated from the ancient mythological phoenix that rules over all the animals. In Chinese, it is traditionally called "Fenghuang." The Houou is a beautiful golden color with long, majestic tail feathers and the body of a crane.

Learn how to make an origami version of this Pokemon by watching this tutorial.

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