How To: Make German paper stars for Christmas

Make German paper stars for Christmas

This video shows how to make German paper stars for Christmas.Step 1. Measure and cut strips of paper.Step 2. If we are using shorter pieces of paper glue the strips together.Step 3. Weave the strips.Step 4. Starting with the upper left strip. Fold down. Repeat all the way around. Skipping every other strip.Step 5. Tuck the last strip under the first strip.Step 6. Flip and repeat. If there is a trouble getting some of the strips to go under the other strips cut the ends at an angle.step 7. Flip once again. Then make the outer points.Step 8. Take the upper right strip and fold behind and to the right, forming a 90 degree angle.Step 9. Fold that same strip forward and down. Then fold it back over on itself.Step 10. Tuck the end of that strip under the strip right below the point we just made. Do this all the way around, skipping every other strip. Now we have four points.Step 11. Flip and repeat. Now we have 8 outer points.Step 12. Flip.Step 13. Lift the upper left strip.Take the top strip that points out to the right. Fold it around and under the top left strip. The end of our strip will come out through the bottom point.Step 14. Pull snuggly and repeat all the way around. If we skip a strip, go back to it. The last strip should get tucked under the original point. Now we have 4 points on the first side.Step 15. Flip and repeat.Step 16. Tug all the strips tightly and cut off any excess.Then the Christmas star is ready.

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