How To: Make a fun paper airplane

Make a fun paper airplane

This video shows viewers how to make a paper airplane. You should begin with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and fold one corner to the opposite side, making a triangle. This should be repeated on the other side, so that a cross is formed on your paper. Folding down opposite sides of the creases, you should have a triangular flap on your paper. Fold both sides of the flap upwards and then flip the paper over. You should then take the tip of the paper and fold backwards. Fold the paper in half so that you have two equal sides. Now, you will make the wings using folds which go outwards and are close to the center fold in the paper. Fold the outer edges of the wings upwards to create flaps which will aid in your plane's flight. You now have a paper airplane which performs nice stunts.

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