How To: Make a fat and bloated origami crane for beginners

Make a fat and bloated origami crane for beginners

We've always wondered why cranes - origami cranes, that is - look so uniformly slim and model thin. Well, like our overexposure to "perfect" skinny actresses who make us think that everyone should look as they do (pretty with 0 percent body fat), we've also be overexposed to the streamlined version of cranes.

Cranes can in fact get fat too. Just take a gander at the larger than life chubby crane featured in this origami tutorial. With a bulbous belly and ample midsection, it looks like this crane had a little too much to eat yesterday.

After you finish, blow into the little hole at the bottom of the crane, as you stretch the arms of the crane. You should be able to inflate them.

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