make Decorative Postcard: Rosette


To this we need:

  • rectangle of 10x8 inch
  • eight squares 6x6 centimetres

Step 1: Base of Fish

We start from the base of a fish. Bend at half back.

Step 2: Fold of Left Corner

Bend to the bottom left corner.

Step 3: Raising the Layer

Raise and flatten layer.

Step 4: Reversing

We turn away the paper.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3

Repeat the bend and flattening.

Step 6: Looking

Now it looks like this.

Step 7: Turning and Sliding

Turn on this page previously filed a small hook and slide into one another.

Step 8: Last Fold

Bottom corner of the upper layer is two-layer- be bent upward, the tip cohowamy the rhombus.

Step 9: The End

One item is ready. Eight of these elements stick together on a cardboard box. The sharp corners are in contact at the center, sides adjacent to each other.

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